Thunderbird Portable

Thunderbird Portable (en-US) 17.0.8

Redesigned version of Thunderbird that you can take with you


  • Allows you to take Thunderbird anywhere
  • Keep all your e-mails with you anywhere
  • Fits easily on a USB pen drive


  • Vulnerable to security breaches if lost
  • Synchronisation with mail server can be problematic

Very good

If you're always on the move and a big Thunderbird fan, then this program should answer a lot of your prayers. Thunderbird Portable can run from a USB stick and leaves no hard disk footprint meaning you can use it with ease anytime, anywhere.

The e-mail client is one of Thunderbird Portable's most useful features - you can take your e-mail with you wherever you go although obviously, you can quickly fill up a flash drive with e-mails as you download them.
Fortunately, Thunderbird Portable itself only takes 30-40MB of space. In terms of performance, there are few noticeable differences between Thunderbird Portable and it's big brother.
It's really easy to install although we found synchronization with the mail exchange could sometimes be troublesome.
The only major worry you might have is misplacing the USB drive if it's got most of your e-mails on.
If there was some way to protect users from this kind of accident, then Thunderbird Portable would be the perfect portable app.
If you can't bear to be without your email client when on the move, Thunderbird Portable is the perfect solution, allowing you to use it on any PC you choose.

Portable Thunderbird allows you to carry your whole email client and all your contacts with you on an iPod, USB thumbdrive, portable hard drive or any other portable media.

You can plug it right into any Windows computer and use it just like you would on your own. It is a repackaged version of the popular Mozilla Thunderbird email client designed with portability in mind, so it has all the same great features of Thunderbird, but there's nothing to install.

Thunderbird Portable


Thunderbird Portable (en-US) 17.0.8

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